• Стерео ресивер MARANTZ SR 4000 Стерео ресивер MARANTZ SR 4000
  • Предусилитель Denon PRA-1100 Предусилитель Denon PRA-1100
  • Ламповый усилитель Pioneer SM-83 Ламповый усилитель Pioneer SM-83
  • Усилитель мощности Hitachi HMA-7500 Усилитель мощности Hitachi HMA-7500
  • Виниловый проигрыватель Onkyo CP-80M Виниловый проигрыватель Onkyo CP-80M






54,800 yen(around the Год выпуска: 1983 time)

The quick reverse deck which supplied the reverse technology of Akai tradition,
and the technology cultivated on the total advance deck, and was developed.

GX-R6 -- a base -- change of a head -- the abbreviation of the function is
carried out in part.

The BSP (Bi-directional Syммetrical Precision)
mechanism which pursued precision is developed and carried on the basis of the
run mechanism of the by counter capstan drive system which has a track record in
a mechanism part on a reverse deck.
Each capstan shaft for exclusive use and pinch roller of a forward/reverse are formed in right and left of the head.

The syммetrical tape travel system which becomes the same [ the recording in both of directions and reproductive conditions ] is realized.
At the time of reverse, a pinch
roller carries out seesaw movement, carries out run reversal in an instant, and
also rotates a head 180 degrees simultaneously, and a recording play is carried
out using the head gap with same Lch/Rch also as a round trip, and amplifier.

The auto-reverse recording of the high quality which suppresses change of
the run characteristic of a round trip and recording-play conditions few by this
and in which most blanks of sound are not impressed from A side to B side is

The reliability of a rotary type and the attached
Accurate:Reverse head system are developed and carried at the head part based on
the technical accumulation of an Akai till then.

Zinc die-casting of the beryllium combination which shows one 8 times the
antiwear quality [ twice as many hardness as this and ] of this rather
than the usual zinc die-casting is adopted as the housing portion as which
accuracy is required.
Precision coating of the solid
lubricant which makes a subject fluoride system resin with the sufficient slide
in a rotation part is carried out, a friction factor is lowered sharply, and
durability is improved.
Moreover, high hardness
ceramics (99% of purity alumina) were adopted as the stopper part, and intensity
which has 22,000кг./cm2 and a margin to 100кг./cm2 of impacts accompanying
rotation of a head is realized. And on the azimuth adjustment screw which
receives a stopper, wear is banished at the same time it has adopted as
stainless steel the fine screw which performed hardening processing and absorbs
the impact at the time of rotation with stainless elasticity.
the slack of the adjustable screw which poses a problem by prolonged use is
coped with by the double nut system, and return of a screw is locked in it.

Moreover, in order to employ mechanical durability and reliability
efficiently further, the roll rise flexible printed board is adopted as the lead
from the head which had become a problem by the rotary formula conventionally to
amplifier, and the poor rotation depended with an open circuit or a debt by
winding up spirally in a head portion is prevented.
And the rotary system
has adopted the double pinion drive by the exclusive motor certainly performed
by two gears.

Right and left were made to gain separate independence in
a tape guide from a head, and the dual wide tape guide original with an Akai
which took the large contact surface with a tape is adopted as it. This prevents
curl of the azimuth gap produced from a cassette half's deviation, or a tape,
and the tape run is conjointly stabilized further with the BSP mechanism.

Moreover, mechanism sound is held down according to the quiet mechanism by
the exclusive cam motorised of microcomputer control.

HD head is adopted
as a head.

In addition to the Dolbey B type, as a noise reduction
system, the Dolbey C type with the higher noise reduction effect is carried.

IPLS (automatic search) which discovers the head of the following music
/ the present music by one-touch is carried.

The newly developed
electronic volume is adopted as a recording level control.
By the system
which performs volume change with a microcomputer, there is no volume noise
generating by aged deterioration, and high-precision control is possible.

The number of steps is 16, and if it fluctuates a step every and continues
pushing by one-touch, it will change continuously.

An intensive
indication of the operation information, including VU indication bar meter of 12
segments, 4 digit electronic counter, a REC level, reverse mode, the kind of
noise reduction, a tape position, a run directions, IPLS, REC mode, etc., is
given legible on a large-sized 2 color FL tube.

The auto mute which starts mute recording by one-touch during the auto
tape selector which distinguishes a tape kind only by setting to a cassette
half, or recording is carried. Moreover, the reverse mode selector which
can choose a one-way Recording -play / both-way Recording-play / endless
play also carries.

It is carrying the remote
control mechanism and the timer start mechanism, and connecting optional
apparatus, and remote control and a timer recording play are possible.


FormQuick reverse deck
Wow and flutter0.04%WRMS(JIS)
0.07%WPeak (EIAJ)
Frequency response20Гц-15кГц3dB (normal tape)

20Гц-16кГц3dB (CrO2tape)
20Гц-17кГц3dB (metal tape)
Distortion (1кГц, 0VU)0.7% (metal tape)
Signal to noise ratio (metal tape)
58dB (3%THD level WTD)

Dolby B NR on: 10dB improves above 5dB and 5кГц at 1кГц.
Dolby C NR on:
20dB improves by 15dB and 1кГц - 10кГц at 500Гц.
HeadRecording play: HD head x1
Erasing head x1
MotorElectronic-control direct-current motor x1

direct-current motor x1 for a cam drive
FF-REW timeПриблизительно 90 seconds (at the time of C-60 tape
Input sensitivity/impedanceLine: 70мВ/47kohm

Media-Interface-Connector: 2.5мВ/5kohm
An Output voltage/impedanceLine: 410мВ/1kohm
1.3mW/eight ohms
Power supply voltageAC100V, 50Гц/60Гц
Power consumption16Ватт
The maximum DimensionsШирина 440мм, высота 105мм, глубина 288мм
ВесПриблизительно 4.7кг.
AttachmentConnection cord x2
ОпцииWired remote control RC-32 (6,000yen)

Wireless remote control RC-92 (18,000yen)

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