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Pioneer PL-6A





Pioneer PL-6A
24,000yen(middle of the Год выпуска: 1960s)

The stereo record player which developed and carries
an auto organization original with the base for PL-6.

4 pole synchronous
motor is adopted as a motor.
For a synchronous type, it was not influenced
by transition of a voltage or a load intensity, but the exact constant-speed
rotation is realized.

The turntable made from aluminum alloy die-casting with a weight of 1кг.
is adopted as a turntable for 25cm in diameter which gave precise machining.

even a lever operation comes out and the auto organization which rise and
fall of a tone arm, on/off of a motor power source, an operation of an
idler, etc. interlock and coммit is carried.
oil dumping arm elevation organization is carried and it goes up and down a tone
arm by the suspension action in a spring and an oil cylinder.

A motor power switch is interlocked with an arm elevation organization,
and operates. Only when a tone arm descends and it is in a performance
state, it is set to being turned on, and it is come by off when an arm
goes up. Moreover, an operation of an idler is also interlocked with.
Only while a tone arm descends and the
motor is rotating by the idler auto controller, a motor shaft (capstan) and
turntable inner circumference are pasted.
In addition, if an elevation lever
is placed according to the location of Play, it is possible to carry out an
on/off operation of a motor with a velocity change thumb as well as a coммon

The pipe type tone arm of the absent-resonance design type which
carried out the work original with a manipulation of the pivot is adopted as a
tone arm. Form serves as a static balance type suitable for stereophonic
Moreover, the connector type head is adopted and a using of
other cartridges is possible.

PL-C6 which is man-month type cartridge is
adopted as the cartridge.
The full-scale structure which planted a 0.7mil
diamond needle in the cantilever made from a duralumin pipe of 0.6ммphi is
adopted, the needle point is considering it as the scheme which attached the
whole needle to the holder of a plastics, and a tension favorable impression is
simply possible for it.

FormRecord player
Auto organizationAn oil dumping arm elevation organization is
interlocked with.
Motor power-source auto switchpoint
Idler auto
Tone armStatic balance type tone arm
Motor4 pole synchronous type
TurntableDiameter aluminum alloy die-casting of 25cm,
Rotation unevenness0.2 or less
Rotational frequency33 1/3, 45 or 78rpm
Cartridgeman-month type (PL-C6)
SN ratio (at the time of PL-C1 using)
47dB or more
Starting time from a start-upLess than (33rpm) 1/4 rotation
Cartridgeman-month type (PL-C1)
Frequency characteristic20Гц-21кГц2dB
Channel isolation20dB or more (1кГц)
Output voltage5мВ (at the time of 1кГц and 50 мм/s)
Output balance2dB or less (at the time of 1кГц and 50
Impedance1. 5kohm (1кГц)
Direct current resistance500ohm
Load resistance50kohm
Needle0.7mil diamond needle
Needle point compliance6x10 to 6cm/dyne
Tracking error1.5 degrees
Proper stylus force3g-4g
Switching needleDiamond needle for stereos PL-N6 (2,400yen)

Sapphire needle for SP monophonic recordings PL-N 6S (1,000yen)
Power sourceAC100V, 50Гц/60Гц switching type
РазмерыШирина 475мм, высота Год выпуска: 190мм, глубина 380мм

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